Class BatchImportDialog

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      • showAndImport

        public static void showAndImport​(PluginTool tool,
                                         BatchInfo batchInfo,
                                         java.util.List<FSRL> initialFiles,
                                         DomainFolder defaultFolder,
                                         ProgramManager programManager)
        Shows the batch import dialog (via runSwingLater) and prompts the user to select a file if the supplied batchInfo is empty.

        The dialog will chain to the ImportBatchTask when the user clicks the OK button.

        tool - PluginTool that will be the parent of the dialog
        batchInfo - optional BatchInfo instance with already discovered applications, or null.
        initialFiles - optional List of files to add to the batch import dialog, or null.
        defaultFolder - optional default destination folder for imported files or null for root folder.
        programManager - optional ProgramManager that will be used to open the newly imported binaries.
      • setupInitialDefaults

        public boolean setupInitialDefaults()