Class ImportBatchTask

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    public class ImportBatchTask
    extends Task
    Performs a batch import using the data provided in the BatchInfo object which specifies what files and the import language that should be used.

    If there are just a few files to import, they will be opened using the ProgramManager, otherwise the programManager parameter will be unused.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImportBatchTask

        public ImportBatchTask​(BatchInfo batchInfo,
                               DomainFolder destFolder,
                               ProgramManager programManager,
                               boolean stripLeading,
                               boolean stripAllContainerPath)
        Start a Batch Import session with an already populated BatchInfo instance.

        batchInfo - BatchInfo state object
        destFolder - DomainFolder where to place imported files
        programManager - ProgramManager to use when opening newly imported files, null ok
        stripLeading - boolean true if each import source's leading path should be omitted when creating the destination project folder path.
        stripAllContainerPath - boolean true if each imported file's parent container source path should be completely omitted when creating the destination project folder path. (the imported file's path within its container is still used)
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      • run

        public void run​(TaskMonitor monitor)
        Description copied from class: Task
        This is the method that will be called to do the work

        Note: The run(TaskMonitor) method should not make any calls directly on Swing components, as these calls are not thread safe. Place Swing calls in a Runnable, then call SystemUtilities.runSwingLater(Runnable) or SystemUtilities.runSwingNow(Runnable)to schedule the Runnable inside of the AWT Event Thread.

        Specified by:
        run in class Task
        monitor - The TaskMonitor that will monitor the executing Task