Class ImporterDialog

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        public static final java.lang.String LAST_IMPORTFILE_PREFERENCE_KEY
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      • fsrl

        protected FSRL fsrl
      • options

        protected java.util.List<Option> options
      • filenameTextField

        protected javax.swing.JTextField filenameTextField
      • folderButton

        protected javax.swing.JButton folderButton
      • languageButton

        protected javax.swing.JButton languageButton
      • languageTextField

        protected javax.swing.JTextField languageTextField
      • optionsButton

        protected javax.swing.JButton optionsButton
      • folderNameTextField

        protected javax.swing.JTextField folderNameTextField
    • Constructor Detail

      • ImporterDialog

        public ImporterDialog​(PluginTool tool,
                              ProgramManager programManager,
                              java.util.Map<Loader,​java.util.Collection<LoadSpec>> loadMap,
                              ByteProvider byteProvider,
                              java.lang.String suggestedDestinationPath)
        Construct a new dialog for importing a file as a new program into Ghidra.
        tool - the active tool that spawned this dialog.
        programManager - program manager to open imported file with or null
        loadMap - the loaders and their corresponding load specifications
        byteProvider - the ByteProvider for getting the bytes from the file to be imported.
        suggestedDestinationPath - optional string path that will be pre-pended to the destination filename. Any path specified in the destination filename field will be created when the user performs the import (as opposed to the destination folder option which requires the DomainFolder to already exist). The two destination paths work together to specify the final Ghidra project folder where the imported binary is placed.
      • ImporterDialog

        protected ImporterDialog​(java.lang.String title,
                                 PluginTool tool,
                                 java.util.Map<Loader,​java.util.Collection<LoadSpec>> loadMap,
                                 ByteProvider byteProvider,
                                 java.lang.String suggestedDestinationPath)
    • Method Detail

      • setDestinationFolder

        public void setDestinationFolder​(DomainFolder folder)
        Sets the destination folder for the imported program.
        folder - the folder to store the imported program.
      • isSupported

        protected boolean isSupported​(Loader loader)
      • selectedLoaderChanged

        protected void selectedLoaderChanged()
      • getOptions

        protected java.util.List<Option> getOptions​(LoadSpec loadSpec)
      • getSelectedLoadSpec

        protected LoadSpec getSelectedLoadSpec​(Loader loader)
      • getSelectedLoader

        protected Loader getSelectedLoader()
      • validateFormInput

        protected boolean validateFormInput()