Class AddToProgramDialog

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ActionContextProvider, StatusListener, TaskListener

    public class AddToProgramDialog
    extends ImporterDialog
    The AddToProgramDialog is essentially the same as the ImporterDialog with a few exceptions. One difference is that the language and destination folder/name are not enabled and are initialized to the existing program to which the imported data will be added. Also, the Ok callback is overridden to add the data to the current program instead of creating a new program.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AddToProgramDialog

        protected AddToProgramDialog​(PluginTool tool,
                                     FSRL fsrl,
                                     java.util.Map<Loader,​java.util.Collection<LoadSpec>> loadMap,
                                     ByteProvider byteProvider,
                                     Program addToProgram)
        Construct a new AddToProgramDialog.
        tool - the tool containing the currently open program.
        fsrl - the FileSystemURL for where the imported data can be read.
        loadMap - the loaders and their corresponding load specifications
        byteProvider - the ByteProvider from which the bytes from the source can be read.
        addToProgram - the program to which the newly imported data will be added