Class ElfRelocationContext

  • public class ElfRelocationContext
    extends java.lang.Object
    ElfRelocationContext provides a relocation handler context related to the processing of entries contained within a specific relocation table.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ElfRelocationContext

        protected ElfRelocationContext​(ElfRelocationHandler handler,
                                       ElfLoadHelper loadHelper,
                                       ElfRelocationTable relocationTable,
                                       java.util.Map<ElfSymbol,​Address> symbolMap)
        Relocation context for a specific Elf image and relocation table
        handler - relocation handler or null if not available
        elf - Elf header
        relocationTable - Elf relocation table
        symbolMap - Elf symbol placement map
        nextFreeAddress - next available address to be used by relocations if needed (e.g., synthetic GOT, EXTERNAL block, etc.)
        program - Target program
    • Method Detail

      • processRelocation

        public final void processRelocation​(ElfRelocation relocation,
                                            Address relocationAddress)
        Process a relocation from the relocation table which corresponds to this context. All relocation entries must be processed in the order they appear within the table.
        relocation -
        relocationAddress -
      • getRelocationContext

        public static ElfRelocationContext getRelocationContext​(ElfLoadHelper loadHelper,
                                                                ElfRelocationTable relocationTable,
                                                                java.util.Map<ElfSymbol,​Address> symbolMap)
        Get a relocation context for a specfic Elf image and relocation table
        loadHelper - Elf load helper
        relocationTable - Elf relocation table
        symbolMap - Elf symbol placement map
        relocation context
      • hasRelocationHandler

        public final boolean hasRelocationHandler()
        true if a relocation handler was found
      • getImageBaseWordAdjustmentOffset

        public long getImageBaseWordAdjustmentOffset()
        Get image base addressable word adjustment value to be applied to any pre-linked address values such as those contained with the dynamic table. (Applies to default address space only)
        image base adjustment value
      • extractAddend

        public boolean extractAddend()
        Determine if addend data must be extracted
        true if relocation does not provide addend data and it must be extracted from relocation target if appropriate
      • getProgram

        public final Program getProgram()
      • isBigEndian

        public final boolean isBigEndian()
      • getElfHeader

        public final ElfHeader getElfHeader()
      • getSymbol

        public final ElfSymbol getSymbol​(int symbolIndex)
        Get the Elf symbol which corresponds to the specified index. Each relocation table corresponds to a specific symbol table to which the specified symbolIndex will be applied.
        symbolIndex -
        Elf symbol which corresponds to symbol index
      • getSymbolAddress

        public Address getSymbolAddress​(ElfSymbol symbol)
        Get the program address at which the specified Elf symbol was placed.
        symbol - Elf symbol
        program address
      • getSymbolValue

        public long getSymbolValue​(ElfSymbol symbol)
        Get the adjusted symbol value based upon its placement within the program. This value may differ from symbol.getValue() and will reflect the addressable unit/word offset of it program address.
        symbol - Elf symbol
        adjusted Elf symbol value or 0 if symbol mapping not found
      • getGOTValue

        public long getGOTValue()
                         throws NotFoundException
        Returns the appropriate .got section using the DT_PLTGOT value defined in the .dynamic section. If no such dynamic value defined, the symbol offset for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ will be used, otherwise a NotFoundException will be thrown.
        the .got section address offset
        NotFoundException - if the dynamic DT_PLTGOT not defined and _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ symbol not defined
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Dispose relocation context when processing of corresponding relocation table is complete. Instance should be disposed to allow all program changes to be flushed prior to processing a subsequent relocation table.