Class AssemblyResolvedBackfill

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    public class AssemblyResolvedBackfill
    extends AssemblyResolution
    A AssemblyResolution indicating the need to solve an expression in the future Such records are collected within a AssemblyResolvedConstructor and then solved just before the final result(s) are assembled. This is typically required by instructions that refer to the inst_next symbol.
    • Field Detail

      • res

        protected final java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​java.lang.Object> res
      • inslen

        protected final int inslen
      • offset

        protected final int offset
    • Method Detail

      • getInstructionLength

        public int getInstructionLength()
        Get the expected length of the instruction portion of the future encoding This is used to make sure that operands following a to-be-determined encoding are placed properly. Even though the actual encoding cannot yet be determined, its length can.
        the total expected length (including the offset)
      • isError

        public boolean isError()
        Description copied from class: AssemblyResolution
        Check if this record describes an error
        Specified by:
        isError in class AssemblyResolution
        true if the record is an error
      • isBackfill

        public boolean isBackfill()
        Description copied from class: AssemblyResolution
        Check if this record describes a backfill
        Specified by:
        isBackfill in class AssemblyResolution
        true if the record is a backfill
      • lineToString

        protected java.lang.String lineToString()
        Description copied from class: AssemblyResolution
        Display the resolution result in one line (omitting child details)
        Specified by:
        lineToString in class AssemblyResolution
        the display description
      • shift

        public AssemblyResolvedBackfill shift​(int amt)
        Shift the back-fill record's "instruction" pattern to the right.
        amt - the number of bytes to shift the result when solved.
        the result
      • solve

        public AssemblyResolution solve​(RecursiveDescentSolver solver,
                                        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Long> vals,
                                        AssemblyResolvedConstructor cur)
        Attempt (again) to solve the expression that generated this backfill record This will attempt to solve the same expression and goal again, using the same parameters as were given to the original attempt, except with additional defined symbols. Typically, the symbol that required backfill is inst_next. This method will not throw NeedsBackfillException, since that would imply the missing symbol(s) from the original attempt are still missing. Instead, the method returns an instance of AssemblyResolvedError.
        solver - a solver, usually the same as the one from the original attempt.
        vals - the defined symbols, usually the same, but with the missing symbol(s).
        the solution result