Class GenericDemangledDataType

    • Field Detail


        protected static final java.util.regex.Pattern ARRAY_SUBSCRIPT_PATTERN

        public static final java.lang.String[] PRIMITIVES
      • access

        protected java.lang.String access
      • isStatic

        protected boolean isStatic
      • isArray

        protected boolean isArray
      • isClass

        protected boolean isClass
      • isComplex

        protected boolean isComplex
      • isEnum

        protected boolean isEnum
      • isPointer64

        protected boolean isPointer64
      • isReference

        protected boolean isReference
      • isSigned

        protected boolean isSigned
      • isStruct

        protected boolean isStruct
      • isTemplate

        protected boolean isTemplate
      • isUnaligned

        protected boolean isUnaligned
      • isUnion

        protected boolean isUnion
      • isUnsigned

        protected boolean isUnsigned
      • isVarArgs

        protected boolean isVarArgs
      • isVolatile

        protected boolean isVolatile
      • pointerLevels

        protected int pointerLevels
      • isFar

        protected boolean isFar
      • isRestrict

        protected boolean isRestrict
      • basedAttribute

        protected java.lang.String basedAttribute
      • memberScope

        protected java.lang.String memberScope
      • isCoclass

        protected boolean isCoclass
      • isCointerface

        protected boolean isCointerface
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenericDemangledDataType

        public GenericDemangledDataType​(java.lang.String name)
        Constructs a new demangled datatype.
        name - the name of the datatype
    • Method Detail

      • getPointerLevels

        public int getPointerLevels()
      • setPointerLevels

        public void setPointerLevels​(int levels)
      • incrementPointerLevels

        public void incrementPointerLevels()
      • setAccess

        public void setAccess​(java.lang.String access)
      • getAccess

        public java.lang.String getAccess()
      • setStatic

        public void setStatic()
      • isStatic

        public boolean isStatic()
      • setArray

        public void setArray()
      • setClass

        public void setClass()
      • setComplex

        public void setComplex()
      • setEnum

        public void setEnum()
      • setPointer64

        public void setPointer64()
      • setReference

        public void setReference()
      • setSigned

        public void setSigned()
      • setStruct

        public void setStruct()
      • setTemplate

        public void setTemplate()
      • setUnion

        public void setUnion()
      • setCoclass

        public void setCoclass()
      • setCointerface

        public void setCointerface()
      • setUnsigned

        public void setUnsigned()
      • setUnaligned

        public void setUnaligned()
      • isUnaligned

        public boolean isUnaligned()
      • setVarArgs

        public void setVarArgs()
      • setFar

        public void setFar()
      • isFar

        public boolean isFar()
      • setRestrict

        public void setRestrict()
      • isRestrict

        public boolean isRestrict()
      • isArray

        public boolean isArray()
      • isClass

        public boolean isClass()
      • isComplex

        public boolean isComplex()
      • isEnum

        public boolean isEnum()
      • isPointer

        public boolean isPointer()
      • isPointer64

        public boolean isPointer64()
      • isReference

        public boolean isReference()
      • isSigned

        public boolean isSigned()
      • isStruct

        public boolean isStruct()
      • isTemplate

        public boolean isTemplate()
      • isUnion

        public boolean isUnion()
      • isCoclass

        public boolean isCoclass()
      • isCointerface

        public boolean isCointerface()
      • isUnsigned

        public boolean isUnsigned()
      • isVarArgs

        public boolean isVarArgs()
      • isVoid

        public boolean isVoid()
      • getBasedName

        public java.lang.String getBasedName()
      • setBasedName

        public void setBasedName​(java.lang.String basedName)
      • getMemberScope

        public java.lang.String getMemberScope()
      • setMemberScope

        public void setMemberScope​(java.lang.String memberScope)
      • isPrimitive

        public boolean isPrimitive()