Package help

Class ImageLocation

  • public class ImageLocation
    extends java.lang.Object
    A class that represents the original location of an IMG tag along with its location resolution within the help system.

    Some images are represented by 'in memory' or 'runtime' values that do not have a valid url.

    • Method Detail

      • createLocalLocation

        public static ImageLocation createLocalLocation​(java.nio.file.Path sourceFile,
                                                        java.lang.String imageSrc,
                                                        java.nio.file.Path resolvedPath)
      • createRuntimeLocation

        public static ImageLocation createRuntimeLocation​(java.nio.file.Path sourceFile,
                                                          java.lang.String imageSrc,
                                                          java.nio.file.Path resolvedPath)
      • createInvalidRuntimeLocation

        public static ImageLocation createInvalidRuntimeLocation​(java.nio.file.Path sourceFile,
                                                                 java.lang.String imageSrc)
      • createRemoteLocation

        public static ImageLocation createRemoteLocation​(java.nio.file.Path sourceFile,
                                                         java.lang.String imageSrc,
      • getSourceFile

        public java.nio.file.Path getSourceFile()
      • getImageSrc

        public java.lang.String getImageSrc()
      • getResolvedPath

        public java.nio.file.Path getResolvedPath()
      • getResolvedUri

        public getResolvedUri()
      • isRemote

        public boolean isRemote()
      • isRuntime

        public boolean isRuntime()
      • isInvalidRuntimeImage

        public boolean isInvalidRuntimeImage()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object