Class AbstractSelectionNavigationAction

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DockingActionIf, ToggleDockingActionIf, HelpDescriptor
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class AbstractSelectionNavigationAction
    extends ToggleDockingAction
    An action used to trigger navigation callback on instances of #JTable. Users can toggle this action to control navigation that is based upon selection.

    Subclasses need to implement navigate(), which will be called when a navigation is triggered on the given table by a selection.

    This class will save the state of the action when the tool is saved.

    • Field Detail

      • table

        protected final javax.swing.JTable table
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractSelectionNavigationAction

        protected AbstractSelectionNavigationAction​(java.lang.String name,
                                                    java.lang.String owner,
                                                    javax.swing.JTable table)
    • Method Detail

      • navigate

        public abstract void navigate()
        Users of this class will implement this method to know when to use their table to perform navigation tasks in their own way.
      • setEnabled

        public boolean setEnabled​(boolean enable)
        Description copied from interface: DockingActionIf
        Enables or disables the action
        Specified by:
        setEnabled in interface DockingActionIf
        setEnabled in class DockingAction
        enable - true to enable the action, false to disable it
        the enabled value of the action after this call
      • toggleSelectionListening

        protected void toggleSelectionListening​(boolean listen)
      • saveState

        protected void saveState()
      • restoreState

        protected void restoreState()