Class FunctionParameterFieldLocation

    • Constructor Detail

      • FunctionParameterFieldLocation

        public FunctionParameterFieldLocation​(Program program,
                                              Address locationAddr,
                                              Address functionAddr,
                                              int charOffset,
                                              java.lang.String signature,
                                              Parameter parameter)
        Construct a new FunctionParameterFieldLocation object.
        program - the program of the location
        locationAddr - the address of the listing location (i.e., referent code unit)
        functionAddr - the function address
        charOffset - the position within the function signature string for this location.
        signature - the function signature string at this location.
        parameter - the function parameter at this location.
      • FunctionParameterFieldLocation

        public FunctionParameterFieldLocation()
        Default constructor needed for restoring a program location from XML
    • Method Detail

      • getParameter

        public Parameter getParameter()
        Returns the parameter associated with this location. This value can be null if the parameters are deleted from the function associated with the address of the parameter.
        the parameter
      • getOrdinal

        public int getOrdinal()