Interface Parameter

    • Method Detail

      • getOrdinal

        int getOrdinal()
        Returns the ordinal (index) of this parameter within the function signature.
      • isAutoParameter

        boolean isAutoParameter()
        true if this parameter is automatically generated based upon the associated function calling convention and function signature. An example of such a parameter include the "__return_storage_ptr__" parameter.
      • getAutoParameterType

        AutoParameterType getAutoParameterType()
        If this is an auto-parameter this method will indicate its type.
        auto-parameter type of null if not applicable.
      • isForcedIndirect

        boolean isForcedIndirect()
        If this parameter which was forced by the associated calling convention to be passed as a pointer instead of its original formal type.
        true if this parameter was forced to be passed as a pointer instead of its original formal type
      • getFormalDataType

        DataType getFormalDataType()
        Get the original formal signature data type before a possible forced indirect was possibly imposed by the functions calling convention. The Variable.getDataType() method will always return the effective data type which corresponds to the allocated variable storage.
        Formal data type. This type will only differ from the Variable.getDataType() value if this parameter isForcedIndirect.