Class BasicEdgeLabelRenderer<V extends VisualVertex,​E extends VisualEdge<V>>

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    public class BasicEdgeLabelRenderer<V extends VisualVertex,​E extends VisualEdge<V>>
    extends edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.renderers.BasicEdgeLabelRenderer<V,​E>
    A class to override the default edge label placement. This class is called a renderer because the parent class is. However, it is not a renderer in the sense that it's job is to paint the contents, like in Java when you provide a cell rendering component, but rather, it uses such a component. Further, the job of this class is to position said component and then to have it paint its contents.

    Normally we would just set our custom renderer on the RenderContext at construction time, like we do with the other rendering classes, but not such method is provided.

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      void labelEdge​(edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.RenderContext<V,​E> rc, edu.uci.ics.jung.algorithms.layout.Layout<V,​E> layout, E e, java.lang.String label)  
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      • BasicEdgeLabelRenderer

        public BasicEdgeLabelRenderer()
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      • labelEdge

        public void labelEdge​(edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.RenderContext<V,​E> rc,
                              edu.uci.ics.jung.algorithms.layout.Layout<V,​E> layout,
                              E e,
                              java.lang.String label)
        Specified by:
        labelEdge in interface edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.renderers.Renderer.EdgeLabel<V extends VisualVertex,​E extends VisualEdge<V>>
        labelEdge in class edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.renderers.BasicEdgeLabelRenderer<V extends VisualVertex,​E extends VisualEdge<V>>