Class GraphComponent<V extends VisualVertex,​E extends VisualEdge<V>,​G extends VisualGraph<V,​E>>

    • Constructor Detail

      • GraphComponent

        public GraphComponent​(G graph)
      • GraphComponent

        protected GraphComponent()
    • Method Detail

      • setGraph

        protected void setGraph​(G g)
      • build

        protected void build()
      • decoratePrimaryViewer

        protected void decoratePrimaryViewer​(GraphViewer<V,​E> viewer,
                                             VisualGraphLayout<V,​E> layout)
        This is called to configure the primary viewer's rendering settings. Subclasses can override this method to change, as needed.
        viewer - the new satellite viewer
        layout - the viewer's layout
      • decorateSatelliteViewer

        protected void decorateSatelliteViewer​(SatelliteGraphViewer<V,​E> viewer,
                                               VisualGraphLayout<V,​E> layout)
        This is called to configure the satellite viewer's rendering settings. Subclasses can override this method to change, as needed.
        viewer - the new satellite viewer
        layout - the viewer's layout
      • isReallyBigData

        protected boolean isReallyBigData()
        This method is used to determine caching strategy. For example, large graph will trigger the us of a cached satellite view, for performance reasons.
        true if the data is considered 'really big'
      • isUninitialized

        public boolean isUninitialized()
      • setGraphViewStale

        public void setGraphViewStale​(boolean isStale)
      • isGraphViewStale

        public boolean isGraphViewStale()
      • setStatusMessage

        public void setStatusMessage​(java.lang.String message)
        Sets a message to be painted on the viewer. This is useful to show a text message to the user. Passing null will clear the message.
        message - the message
      • getComponent

        public javax.swing.JComponent getComponent()
      • repaint

        public void repaint()
      • getPrimaryViewer

        public GraphViewer<V,​E> getPrimaryViewer()
      • getSatelliteBounds

        public java.awt.Rectangle getSatelliteBounds()
        Returns an empty rectangle if the satellite is not visible
        the bounds
      • getInitialVertex

        protected V getInitialVertex()
      • zoomInCompletely

        protected void zoomInCompletely​(V v)
      • setVertexFocused

        public void setVertexFocused​(V vertex)
        Sets the given vertex to be the focused vertex. This will be the only focused vertex.
        vertex - the vertex
      • setVerticesSelected

        public void setVerticesSelected​(java.util.Collection<V> vertices)
      • twinkleVertex

        public void twinkleVertex​(V twinkleVertex)
      • isSatelliteComponent

        public boolean isSatelliteComponent​(java.awt.Component c)
      • getSatelliteContentComponent

        protected javax.swing.JComponent getSatelliteContentComponent()
      • setSatelliteDocked

        public void setSatelliteDocked​(boolean docked)
      • setSatelliteVisible

        public void setSatelliteVisible​(boolean visible)
      • isSatelliteShowing

        public boolean isSatelliteShowing()
      • isSatelliteDocked

        public boolean isSatelliteDocked()
      • isSatelliteUnDocked

        public boolean isSatelliteUnDocked()
      • setPopupsVisible

        public void setPopupsVisible​(boolean visible)
      • getVertexHoverPathHighlightMode

        public PathHighlightMode getVertexHoverPathHighlightMode()
      • setVertexHoverPathHighlightMode

        public void setVertexHoverPathHighlightMode​(PathHighlightMode mode)
      • getVertexFocusPathHighlightMode

        public PathHighlightMode getVertexFocusPathHighlightMode()
      • setVertexFocusPathHighlightMode

        public void setVertexFocusPathHighlightMode​(PathHighlightMode mode)
      • getRenderContext

        public edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.RenderContext<V,​E> getRenderContext()
      • getGraph

        public G getGraph()
      • refreshCurrentLayout

        protected void refreshCurrentLayout()
      • dispose

        public void dispose()