Class MoveViewAnimatorFunctionGraphJob<V,​E>

    • Field Detail

      • viewer

        protected final edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.VisualizationViewer<V,​E> viewer
    • Constructor Detail

      • MoveViewAnimatorFunctionGraphJob

        public MoveViewAnimatorFunctionGraphJob​(edu.uci.ics.jung.visualization.VisualizationServer<V,​E> viewer,
                                                boolean useAnimation)
    • Method Detail

      • createDestination

        protected abstract java.awt.geom.Point2D createDestination()
      • finished

        protected void finished()
        Description copied from class: AbstractAnimatorJob
        A callback given when this animator has run to completion. This will be called whether the animator is stopped prematurely or ends naturally.
        Specified by:
        finished in class AbstractAnimatorJob
      • setOffset

        public void setOffset​(java.awt.geom.Point2D offsetFromOriginalPoint)