Class VersionControlDataTypeArchiveUndoCheckoutAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • VersionControlDataTypeArchiveUndoCheckoutAction

        public VersionControlDataTypeArchiveUndoCheckoutAction​( plugin,
                                                               ArchiveProvider provider)
        Creates an action to undo checkouts for domain files in the repository.
        plugin - the plug-in that owns this action.
        provider - provides a list of domain files to be affected by this action.
    • Method Detail

      • undoCheckOut

        protected void undoCheckOut()
        Gets the domain files from the provider and then undoes the checkout on any that are checked out.
      • undoCheckOuts

        protected void undoCheckOuts​(java.util.List<> unmodifiedArchivesList,
                                     java.util.List<> modifiedArchivesList)
                              throws CancelledException
        Displays the undo checkout confirmation dialog for each checked out file and then undoes the checkout while keeping a copy of the working version of the file if the user chooses to do so.
        All unmodified checkouts will be undone. Only modified checkouts the user chooses will be undone.
        unmodifiedCheckOutsList - the list of unmodified checked out files
        modifiedArchivesList - the list of checked out files that have been modified
        changedList - the list of checked out files that have been modified and not yet saved