Interface GFileSystemProbeBytesOnly

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    public interface GFileSystemProbeBytesOnly
    extends GFileSystemProbe
    A GFileSystemProbe interface for filesystems that can be detected using just a few bytes from the beginning of the containing file.

    Filesystem probes of this type are given precedence when possible since they tend to be simpler and quicker.

    • Method Detail

      • getBytesRequired

        int getBytesRequired()
        The minimum number of bytes needed to be supplied to the probeStartBytes(FSRL, byte[]) method.

        min number of bytes needed for probe
      • probeStartBytes

        boolean probeStartBytes​(FSRL containerFSRL,
                                byte[] startBytes)
        Probes the supplied startBytes byte[] array to determine if this filesystem implementation can handle the file.
        containerFSRL - the FSRL of the file containing the bytes being probed.
        startBytes - a byte array, with a length of at least getBytesRequired() containing bytes from the beginning (ie. offset 0) of the probed file.
        true if the specified file is handled by this filesystem implementation, false if not.