Class AbstractVariableFieldFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractVariableFieldFactory

        public AbstractVariableFieldFactory​(java.lang.String name)
        Constructs a AbstractVariableFieldFactory with given name. Used only as potential field.
        name - the name of the field.
      • AbstractVariableFieldFactory

        protected AbstractVariableFieldFactory​(java.lang.String name,
                                               FieldFormatModel model,
                                               HighlightProvider highlightProvider,
                                               Options displayOptions,
                                               Options fieldOptions)
        AbstractVariableFieldFactory constructor
        name - the name of the field
        model - the model that the field belongs to.
        highlightProvider - the HightLightStringProvider.
        displayOptions - the Options for display properties.
        fieldOptions - the Options for field specific properties.
    • Method Detail

      • initDisplayOptions

        protected void initDisplayOptions​(Options displayOptions)
      • displayOptionsChanged

        public void displayOptionsChanged​(Options options,
                                          java.lang.String optionName,
                                          java.lang.Object oldValue,
                                          java.lang.Object newValue)
        Description copied from class: FieldFactory
        Notifications that the display options changed.
        displayOptionsChanged in class FieldFactory
        options - the Display Options object that changed.
        optionName - the name of the property that changed.
        oldValue - the old value of the property.
        newValue - the new value of the property.
      • getColor

        protected java.awt.Color getColor​(Variable var)
      • getMetrics

        protected java.awt.FontMetrics getMetrics​(Variable var)