Interface HighlightProvider

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    public interface HighlightProvider
    Provider of Highlight objects appropriate for the text, object, and FieldFactory class.
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        static final Highlight[] EMPTY_HIGHLIGHT
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      • getHighlights

        Highlight[] getHighlights​(java.lang.String text,
                                  java.lang.Object obj,
                                  java.lang.Class<? extends FieldFactory> fieldFactoryClass,
                                  int cursorTextOffset)
        Get the highlights appropriate for the given text, object, and FieldFactory class.
        text - the entire text contained in the field, regardless of layout.
        obj - object that provides the information to be rendered (usually a code unit)
        fieldFactoryClass - the class that indicates what type of field is being rendered. For Example, address fields would have the AddressFieldFactory class.
        cursorTextOffset - the cursor position within the given text or -1 if no cursor in this field.
        an array of highlight objects that indicate the location within the text string to be highlighted.