Interface ValidatableLine

    • Field Detail


        static final java.awt.Color INVALID_COLOR
    • Method Detail

      • updateColor

        void updateColor​(ValidatableLine otherLine,
                         java.awt.Color invalidColor)
      • isDiffColored

        boolean isDiffColored()
      • getText

        java.lang.String getText()
      • setValidationLine

        void setValidationLine​(ValidatableLine line)
        Sets the other line that this line is validated against. The other line may be a full, partial, or no match at all.
        line - the line against which this line is validated
      • isValidated

        boolean isValidated()
        True means that this line has been matched against another line, regardless of whether the two lines are the same or not.
        true if this line has been matched against another line