Interface DataTypeQueryService

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    public interface DataTypeQueryService
    Simplified datatype service interface to provide query capabilities to a set of open datatype managers
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      • getDataTypeManagers

        DataTypeManager[] getDataTypeManagers()
        Gets the open data type managers.
        the open data type managers.
      • getSortedDataTypeList

        java.util.List<DataType> getSortedDataTypeList()
        Gets the sorted list of all datatypes known by this service via it's owned DataTypeManagers. This method can be called frequently, as the underlying data is indexed and only updated as changes are made.
        the sorted list of known data types.
      • getDataType

        DataType getDataType​(java.lang.String filterText)
        Obtain the preferred datatype which corresponds to the specified datatype specified by filterText. A tool-based service provider may prompt the user to select a datatype if more than one possibility exists.
        filterText - If not null, this text filters the visible data types to only show those that start with the given text
        the preferred data type (e.g., chosen by the user) or null if no match found or selection was cancelled by user.