Interface DataTypeManagerService

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    public interface DataTypeManagerService
    extends DataTypeQueryService
    Service to provide list of cycle groups and data types identified as "favorites." Favorites will show up on the popup menu for creating data and defining function return types and parameters.
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      • getBuiltInDataTypesManager

        DataTypeManager getBuiltInDataTypesManager()
        Get the data type manager that has all of the built in types.
        data type manager for built in data types
      • getFavorites

        java.util.List<DataType> getFavorites()
        Get the data types marked as favorites that will show up on a popup menu.
        list of favorite datatypess
      • addDataTypeManagerChangeListener

        void addDataTypeManagerChangeListener​(DataTypeManagerChangeListener listener)
        Adds a listener to be notified when changes occur to any open datatype manager.
        listener - the listener to be added.
      • removeDataTypeManagerChangeListener

        void removeDataTypeManagerChangeListener​(DataTypeManagerChangeListener listener)
        Removes the given listener from receiving dataTypeManger change notifications.
        listener - the listener to be removed.
      • setRecentlyUsed

        void setRecentlyUsed​(DataType dt)
        Set the given data type as the most recently used to apply a data type to a Program.
        dt - data type that was most recently used
      • getRecentlyUsed

        DataType getRecentlyUsed()
        Get the data type that was most recently used to apply data to a Program.
        data type that was most recently used
      • getEditorHelpLocation

        HelpLocation getEditorHelpLocation​(DataType dataType)
        Gets the location of the help for editing the specified data type.
        dataType - the data type to be edited.
        the help location for editing the data type.
      • isEditable

        boolean isEditable​(DataType dt)
        Determine if the indicated data type can be edited (i.e. it has an editor that this service knows how to invoke).
        dt - data type to be edited
        true if this service can invoke an editor for changing the data type.
      • edit

        void edit​(DataType dt)
        Pop up an editor dialog for the given data type.
        dt - data type that either a Structure or a Union; built in types cannot be edited
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the given has not been resolved by a DataTypeManager; in other words, if DataType.getDataTypeManager() returns null.
      • closeArchive

        void closeArchive​(DataTypeManager dtm)
        Closes the archive for the given DataTypeManager. This will ignore request to close the open Program's manager and the built-in manager.
        dtm - the data type manager of the archive to close
      • openDataTypeArchive

        DataTypeManager openDataTypeArchive​(java.lang.String archiveName)
        Opens the specified data type archive contained within the Ghidra installation. NOTE: This is predicated upon all archive files having a unique name within the installation. Any path prefix specified may prevent the file from opening (or reopening) correctly.
        archiveName - archive file name (i.e., "generic_C_lib")
        the data type archive or null if an archive with the specified name can not be found.
        Throws: - if an i/o error occurs opening the data type archive - if another archive with the same ID is already open
      • openArchive openArchive​(DataTypeArchive dataTypeArchive)
        A method to open an Archive for the given, pre-existing DataTypeArchive (like one that was opened during the import process.
        dataTypeArchive - the archive from which to create an Archive
        an Archive based upon the given DataTypeArchive
      • openArchive openArchive​( file,
                                                                   boolean acquireWriteLock)
        A method to open an Archive for the given, pre-existing archive file (*.gdt)
        file - data type archive file
        acquireWriteLock - true if write lock should be acquired (i.e., open for update)
        an Archive based upon the given archive files
        Throws: - if an i/o error occurs opening the data type archive - if another archive with the same ID is already open
      • setDataTypeSelected

        void setDataTypeSelected​(DataType dataType)
        Selects the given data type in the display of data types. A null dataType value will clear the current selection.
        dataType - The data type to select.
      • getDataType

        DataType getDataType​(javax.swing.tree.TreePath selectedPath)
        Shows the user a dialog that allows them to choose a data type from a tree of all available data types.
        selectedPath - An optional tree path to select in the tree
        A data type chosen by the user
      • getPossibleEquateNames

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getPossibleEquateNames​(long value)
        Examines all enum dataTypes for items that match the given value. Returns a list of Strings that might make sense for the given value.
        value - the value to search for.
        the list of enum item names that match the given value