Class AssemblyResolutionResults

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Iterable<AssemblyResolution>, java.util.Collection<AssemblyResolution>, java.util.Set<AssemblyResolution>

    public class AssemblyResolutionResults
    extends org.apache.commons.collections4.set.AbstractSetDecorator<AssemblyResolution>
    A set of possible assembly resolutions for a single SLEIGH constructor Since the assembler works from the leaves up, it unclear in what context a given token appears. Thus, every possible encoding is collected and passed upward. As resolution continues, many of the possible encodings are pruned out. When the resolver reaches the root, we end up with every possible encoding (less some prefixes) of an instruction. This object stores the possible encodings, including error records describing the pruned intermediate results.
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