Class AddRemoveJob<T>

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      • requestFilter

        public boolean requestFilter()
        Description copied from class: TableUpdateJob
        Tells the job that the filter criteria has changed. This method can be called on the currently running job as well as the pending job. If called on the running job, the effect depends on the running job's state:
        • If the filter state hasn't happened yet, then nothing needs to be done as this job will filter later anyway.
        • If the filter state has already been started or completed, then this method attempts to stop the current process phase and cause the state machine to return to the filter phase.
        • If the current job has already entered the DONE state, then the filter cannot take effect in this job and a false value is returned to indicate the filter was not handled by this job.
        requestFilter in class TableUpdateJob<T>
        true if the filter can be processed by this job, false if this job is essentially already completed and therefor cannot perform the filter job.