Interface FilterTypeConverter<COLUMN_TYPE,​FILTER_TYPE>

  • Type Parameters:
    COLUMN_TYPE - the column type
    FILTER_TYPE - the new type to be used during filter operations

    public interface FilterTypeConverter<COLUMN_TYPE,​FILTER_TYPE>
    An interface that is meant to take the column type of of a DynamicTableColumn and convert it to the specified type. This class is meant to be used when the dynamic filtering mechanism is not correctly filtering a column, usually because the default filter for the column type does not match what the renderer is displaying in the table.

    Columns create one of these classes to be returned from DynamicTableColumn#getFilterConverter().

    • Method Detail

      • getFilterType

        java.lang.Class<FILTER_TYPE> getFilterType()
        Returns the destination class of the conversion
        the destination class
      • convert

        FILTER_TYPE convert​(COLUMN_TYPE t,
                            Settings settings)
        Converts in instance of the column type to an instance of the destination type
        t - the column type instance
        settings - any settings the converter may need to convert the type
        the new object