Class LocalFileChooserModel

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    public class LocalFileChooserModel
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements GhidraFileChooserModel
    A default implementation of the file chooser model that browses the local file system.
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      boolean createDirectory​( directory, java.lang.String name)
      Creates a directory in the specified directory with the specified name.
      protected java.lang.String formatRootPathForDisplay​( root)
      Returns the string path of a file system root, formatted so it doesn't have a trailing backslash in the case of Windows root drive strings such as "c:\\", which becomes "c:"
      java.lang.String getDescription​( file)
      Returns a description for the specified file. getDesktopDirectory()
      Probes for a "Desktop" directory under the user's home directory.
      protected java.lang.String getFastRootDescriptionString​( root)
      Return a description string for a file system root. getHomeDirectory()
      Returns the home directory.
      javax.swing.Icon getIcon​( file)
      Returns an icon for the specified file.[] getListing​( directory, filter)
      Returns an array of the files that exist in the specified directory.
      protected java.lang.String getRootDescriptionString​( root)
      Return a description string for a root location.[] getRoots()
      Returns the root drives/directories.
      char getSeparator()
      Returns the file separator char.
      boolean isAbsolute​( file)
      Tests whether this abstract pathname is absolute.
      boolean isDirectory​( file)
      Tests whether the file denoted by this abstract pathname is a directory.
      boolean renameFile​( src, dest)
      Renames the src file to the dest file.
      void setListener​(GhidraFileChooserListener l)
      Set the model listener.
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