Interface DropDownTextFieldDataModel<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getMatchingData

        java.util.List<T> getMatchingData​(java.lang.String searchText)
        Returns a list of data that matches the given searchText. A match typically means a "startsWith" match. A list is returned to allow for multiple matches.
        searchText - The text used to find matches.
        a list of items matching the given text.
      • getIndexOfFirstMatchingEntry

        int getIndexOfFirstMatchingEntry​(java.util.List<T> data,
                                         java.lang.String text)
        Returns the index in the given list of the first item that matches the given text. For data sets that do not allow duplicates, this is simply the index of the item that matches the text in the list. For items that allow duplicates, the is the index of the first match.
        data - the list to search
        text - the text to match against the items in the list
        the index in the given list of the first item that matches the given text.
      • getListRenderer

        javax.swing.ListCellRenderer<T> getListRenderer()
        Returns the renderer to be used to paint the contents of the list returned by getMatchingData(String).
      • getDescription

        java.lang.String getDescription​(T value)
        Returns a description for this item that gives that will be displayed along side of the DropDownSelectionTextField's matching window.
      • getDisplayText

        java.lang.String getDisplayText​(T value)
        Returns the text for the given item that will be entered into the DropDownSelectionTextField when the user makes a selection.