Class KeyBindingsManager

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.beans.PropertyChangeListener, java.util.EventListener

    public class KeyBindingsManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.beans.PropertyChangeListener
    A class that organizes system key bindings by mapping them to assigned DockingActionIfs.

    This class understands reserved system key bindings. For non-reserved key bindings, this class knows how to map a single key binding to multiple actions.

    • Constructor Detail

      • KeyBindingsManager

        public KeyBindingsManager​(DockingTool tool)
    • Method Detail

      • addReservedAction

        public void addReservedAction​(DockingActionIf action)
      • addReservedAction

        public void addReservedAction​(DockingActionIf action,
                                      javax.swing.KeyStroke ks)
      • propertyChange

        public void propertyChange​(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent evt)
        Specified by:
        propertyChange in interface java.beans.PropertyChangeListener
      • getDockingKeyAction

        public javax.swing.Action getDockingKeyAction​(javax.swing.KeyStroke keyStroke)
      • dispose

        public void dispose()