Package docking

Class ActionToGuiHelper

  • public class ActionToGuiHelper
    extends java.lang.Object
    A class that exists primarily to provide access to action-related package-level methods of the DockingWindowManager. This allows the manager's interface to hide methods that don't make sense for public consumption.
    • Method Detail

      • addToolAction

        public void addToolAction​(DockingActionIf action)
        Adds an action to the global menu or toolbar which appear in the main frame. If the action has a menu path, it will be in the menu. If it has an icon, it will appear in the toolbar.
        action - the action to be added
      • removeToolAction

        public void removeToolAction​(DockingActionIf action)
        Removes the given action from the global menu and toolbar
        action - the action to be removed
      • addLocalAction

        public void addLocalAction​(ComponentProvider provider,
                                   DockingActionIf action)
        Adds an action that will be associated with the given provider. These actions will appear in the local header for the component as a toolbar button or a drop-down menu item if it has an icon and menu path respectively.
        provider - the provider whose header on which the action is to be placed
        action - the action to add to the providers header bar
      • getComponentActions

        public java.util.Iterator<DockingActionIf> getComponentActions​(ComponentProvider provider)
        Get an iterator over the actions for the given provider
        provider - the component provider for which to iterate over all its owned actions
        null if the provider does not exist in the window manager
      • removeProviderAction

        public void removeProviderAction​(ComponentProvider provider,
                                         DockingActionIf action)
        Removes the action from the given provider's header bar.
        provider - the provider whose header bar from which the action should be removed.
        action - the action to be removed from the provider's header bar.
      • keyBindingsChanged

        public void keyBindingsChanged()
        Call this method to signal that key bindings for one or more actions have changed