Class CancelOnlyWrappingTaskMonitor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class CancelOnlyWrappingTaskMonitor
    extends WrappingTaskMonitor
    A monitor that is designed for sub-tasks, where the outer task handles reporting messages and progress. This class is really just for checking cancelled.

    This class wants the following methods related to cancelling to work normally:

    • isCancelled()
    • checkCanceled()
    • cancel()
    • addCancelledListener(CancelledListener)
    • removeCancelledListener(CancelledListener)
    • addIssueListener(IssueListener)
    • removeIssueListener(IssueListener)
    • isCancelEnabled()

    The rest of TaskMonitor should be stubbed out. This means that if any methods are added to the TaskMonitor interface, and subsequently implemented in this class's parent, then this class needs to override them.