Package ghidra.util

Interface Location

  • public interface Location
    • Method Detail

      • getStringRepresentation

        java.lang.String getStringRepresentation()
        Returns a displayable representation of this location.
        a displayable representation of this location.
      • getDescription

        java.lang.String getDescription()
        Returns a description for the location. This should probably describe the significance of the location. For example, if this location is from an Issue, then what is its relationship to the issue.
        a descrition for the location.
      • go

        boolean go​(ServiceProvider provider)
        Will attempt to navigate to the location as appropriate. For example, it may use the goto service to navigate the code browser to a progam and and address. Or it could launch a browser and display a web page.
        provider - a service provider that this location can use to find a service to help with navigation.
        true if the navigation was successful, false otherwise.