Interface FunctionDefinition

    • Method Detail

      • setArguments

        void setArguments​(ParameterDefinition[] args)
        Set the arguments to this function.
        args - array of parameter definitions to be used as arguments to this function
      • setReturnType

        void setReturnType​(DataType type)
                    throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Set the return data type for this function
        type - the return datatype to be set.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if data type is not a fixed length type
      • setComment

        void setComment​(java.lang.String comment)
        Set the function comment
        comment - the comment to set.
      • setVarArgs

        void setVarArgs​(boolean hasVarArgs)
        Set whether parameters can be passed as a VarArg (variable argument list).
        hasVarArgs - true if this function has a variable argument list (ie printf(fmt, ...)).
      • setGenericCallingConvention

        void setGenericCallingConvention​(GenericCallingConvention genericCallingConvention)
        Set the generic calling convention associated with this function definition.
        genericCallingConvention - generic calling convention
      • replaceArgument

        void replaceArgument​(int ordinal,
                             java.lang.String name,
                             DataType dt,
                             java.lang.String comment,
                             SourceType source)
        Replace the given argument with another data type
        ordinal - the index of the argument to be replaced, starting from '0'
        name - name of the new argument
        dt - data type of the new argument
        comment - comment for the argument
        source - the source of this function definition argument: Symbol.DEFAULT, Symbol.ANALYSIS, Symbol.IMPORTED, or Symbol.USER_DEFINED