Class PartitionCodeSubModel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    CodeBlockModel, SubroutineBlockModel

    public class PartitionCodeSubModel
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements SubroutineBlockModel
    PartitionCodeSubModel (Model-P) defines subroutines which do not share code with other subroutines and may have one or more entry points. Entry points represent anyone of a variety of flow entries, including a source, called, jump or fall-through entry point.

    MODEL-P is the answer to those who always want to be able to know what subroutine a given instruction is in, but also do not want the subroutine to have multiple entry points. When a model-M subroutine has multiple entry points, that set of code will necessarily consist of several model-P subroutines. When a model-M subroutine has a single entry point, it will consist of a single model-P subroutine which has the same address set and entry point.

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    Created February 7, 2002.