Class EquateManager

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      void applyEnum​(AddressSetView addresses, Enum enoom, TaskMonitor monitor, boolean shouldDoOnSubOps)
      Creates equates and/or adds references for scalars in the given address set using the given data type.
      Equate createEquate​(java.lang.String name, long value)
      Creates a new equate
      void dbError​( e)
      Notification that an IO exception occurred.
      void deleteAddressRange​(Address startAddr, Address endAddr, TaskMonitor monitor)
      Removes all equates defined in the given range.
      static java.lang.String formatNameForEquate​(UniversalID dtID, long equateValue)
      Formats a string to the equate format given the enum UUID and the value for the equate.
      static java.lang.String formatNameForEquateError​(long equateValue)
      Formats a string to the equate error format given the value.
      static UniversalID getDataTypeUUID​(java.lang.String formattedEquateName)
      Pulls out the enum data type UUID given a formatted equate name.
      Equate getEquate​(Address reference, int opIndex, long scalarValue)
      Returns the first equate found that is associated with the given value at the given reference address and operand position;
      Equate getEquate​(java.lang.String name)
      Returns the equate with the given name, null if no such equate exists.
      AddressIterator getEquateAddresses()
      Returns an address iterator over all the addresses where equates have been set.
      AddressIterator getEquateAddresses​(Address startAddr)
      Return an address iterator over each address with an equate reference starting at the start address.
      AddressIterator getEquateAddresses​(AddressSetView set)
      Return an address iterator over each address with an equate reference that is in the specified address set.
      java.util.Iterator<Equate> getEquates()
      Returns an iterator over all equates.
      java.util.List<Equate> getEquates​(long value)
      Returns all equates defined for value.
      java.util.List<Equate> getEquates​(Address reference)
      Returns the equates (one for each scalar and opIndex) at the given reference address.
      java.util.List<Equate> getEquates​(Address reference, int opIndex)
      Returns the equates (one for each scalar) at the given reference address and operand position; For an instruction a given operand can have multiple scalars.
      static long getEquateValueFromFormattedName​(java.lang.String formattedEquateName)
      Pulls out the value of the equate given the formatted equate name.
      void invalidateCache​(boolean all)
      Clears all data caches.
      void moveAddressRange​(Address fromAddr, Address toAddr, long length, TaskMonitor monitor)
      Move all objects within an address range to a new location.
      void programReady​(int openMode, int currentRevision, TaskMonitor monitor)
      Callback from program made to each manager after the program has completed initialization.
      boolean removeEquate​(java.lang.String name)
      Removes the equate from the program.
      void setProgram​(ProgramDB program)
      Callback from program used to indicate all manager have been created.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • EquateManager

        public EquateManager​(DBHandle handle,
                             AddressMap addrMap,
                             int openMode,
                             Lock lock,
                             TaskMonitor monitor)
                      throws VersionException,
        handle - database handle
        addrMap - map that converts addresses to longs and longs to addresses
        openMode - one of ProgramDB.CREATE, UPDATE, UPGRADE, or READ_ONLY
        lock - the program synchronization lock
        monitor - the progress monitor used when upgrading.
        VersionException - if the database version doesn't match the current version. - if a database error occurs.
        CancelledException - if the user cancels the upgrade.