Class FSBUtils

  • public class FSBUtils
    extends java.lang.Object
    FileSystemBrowserPlugin utility methods that other things might find useful.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FSBUtils

        public FSBUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • getFileFSRLFromContext

        public static FSRL getFileFSRLFromContext​(ActionContext context)
      • getFSRLFromContext

        public static FSRL getFSRLFromContext​(ActionContext context,
                                              boolean dirsOk)
      • fsrlHasContainer

        public static boolean fsrlHasContainer​(FSRLRoot fsFSRL)
      • getProgramManager

        public static ProgramManager getProgramManager​(PluginTool tool,
                                                       boolean allowUserPrompt)
        Returns the ProgramManager associated with this fs browser plugin.

        When this FS Browser plugin is part of the front-end tool, this will search for an open CodeBrowser tool that can be used to handle programs.

        When this FS Browser plugin is part of a CodeBrowser tool, this will just return the local ProgramManager / CodeBrowser.

        tool - The plugin tool.
        allowUserPrompt - boolean flag to allow this method to query the user to select a CodeBrowser.
        null if front-end and no open CodeBrowser, otherwise returns the local CodeBrowser ProgramManager service.
      • getRunningProgramManagerTools

        public static java.util.List<PluginTool> getRunningProgramManagerTools​(PluginTool tool)