Interface Workspace

  • public interface Workspace
    Defines methods for accessing a workspace; a workspace is simply a group of running tools and their templates.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Get the workspace name.
      • getTools

        Tool[] getTools()
        Get the running tools in the workspace.
        list of running tools or zero-length array if there are no tools in the workspace
      • createTool

        Tool createTool()
        Launch an empty tool.
        name of empty tool that is launched.
      • runTool

        Tool runTool​(ToolTemplate template)
        Run the tool specified by the tool template object.
        launched tool that is now running.
      • setName

        void setName​(java.lang.String newName)
              throws DuplicateNameException
        Rename this workspace.
        newName - new workspace name
        DuplicateNameException - if newName is already the name of a workspace.
      • setActive

        void setActive()
        Set this workspace to be the active workspace, i.e., all tools become visible. The currently active workspace becomes inactive, and this workspace becomes active.