Interface ToolManager

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    public interface ToolManager
    Interface to define methods to manage running tools and tools in the Tool Chest. The ToolManager also keeps track of the workspaces, and what tools are running in workspace, as well as the connections among tools across all workspaces.
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        static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_NAME
        The name to use for a new unnamed workspace; used by the Ghidra Project Window when the user creates a new workspace.
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        static final java.lang.String WORKSPACE_NAME_PROPERTY
        Property used when sending the change event when a workspace name is changed.
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      • getConnection

        ToolConnection getConnection​(Tool producer,
                                     Tool consumer)
        Get the connection object for the producer and consumer tools.
        producer - tool that is producing the tool event
        consumer - tool that is consuming the tool event
      • getProducerTools

        Tool[] getProducerTools()
        Get a list of tools that produce at least one tool event.
        zero-length array if no tool produces any events
      • getConsumerTools

        Tool[] getConsumerTools()
        Get a list of tools that consume at least one tool event.
        zero-length array if no tool consumes any events
      • getRunningTools

        Tool[] getRunningTools()
        Get a list running tools across all workspaces.
        zero-length array if there are no running tools.
      • removeWorkspace

        void removeWorkspace​(Workspace ws)
        Remove the workspace.
        ws - workspace to remove
      • getWorkspaces

        Workspace[] getWorkspaces()
        Get list of known workspaces.
        an array of known workspaces
      • getActiveWorkspace

        Workspace getActiveWorkspace()
        Get the active workspace
        the active workspace
      • addWorkspaceChangeListener

        void addWorkspaceChangeListener​(WorkspaceChangeListener listener)
        Add the listener that will be notified when a tool is added or removed.
        listener - workspace listener to add
      • removeWorkspaceChangeListener

        void removeWorkspaceChangeListener​(WorkspaceChangeListener l)
        Remove the workspace listener.
        l - workspace listener to remove
      • disconnectTool

        void disconnectTool​(Tool tool)
        Removes all connections involving tool
        tool - tool for which to remove all connections
      • toolChanged

        void toolChanged​(Tool tool)
        A configuration change was made to the tool; a plugin was added or removed.
        tool - tool that changed