Class ToolState

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    public class ToolState
    extends java.lang.Object
    Container object for the state of the tool to hold an XML element.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ToolState

        public ToolState​(PluginTool tool,
                         DomainObject domainObject)
        Construct a new tool state.
        tool - tool's state to save
        element - element containing tool state
    • Method Detail

      • restoreAfterUndo

        public void restoreAfterUndo​(DomainObject domainObject)
        Restore the tool's state after an undo
      • restoreAfterRedo

        public void restoreAfterRedo​(DomainObject domainObject)
        Restore the tool's state after an undo
      • getAfterState

        public void getAfterState​(DomainObject domainObject)