Interface DomainObjectDBChangeSet

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    public interface DomainObjectDBChangeSet
    extends DBChangeSet
    DomainObjectDBChangeSet extends DBChangeSet providing methods which facilitate transaction synchronization with the domain object's DBHandle.
    • Method Detail

      • clearUndo

        void clearUndo​(boolean isCheckedOut)
        Resets the change sets after a save.
      • undo

        void undo()
        Undo the last change data transaction
      • redo

        void redo()
        Redo the change data transaction associated the last Undo.
      • setMaxUndos

        void setMaxUndos​(int maxUndos)
        Set the undo/redo stack depth
        maxUndos - the maximum numbder of undo
      • clearUndo

        void clearUndo()
        Clears the undo/redo stack.
      • startTransaction

        void startTransaction()
        Start change data transaction.
      • endTransaction

        void endTransaction​(boolean commit)
        End change data transaction.
        commit - if true transaction data is committed, otherwise transaction data is discarded