Interface GFileSystemFactoryFull<FSTYPE extends GFileSystem>

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      • create

        FSTYPE create​(FSRL containerFSRL,
                      FSRLRoot targetFSRL,
                      ByteProvider byteProvider,
                      FileSystemService fsService,
                      TaskMonitor monitor)
        Constructs a new GFileSystem instance that handles the specified file.

        containerFSRL - the FSRL of the file being opened.
        targetFSRL - the FSRLRoot of the filesystem being created.
        byteProvider - a ByteProvider containing the contents of the file being probed. This method is responsible for closing this byte provider instance.
        containerFile - the File (probably in the filecache with non-useful filename) being opened.
        fsService - a reference to the FileSystemService object
        monitor - a TaskMonitor that should be polled to see if the user has requested to cancel the operation, and updated with progress information.
        a new GFileSystem derived instance.
        Throws: - if there is an error reading files.
        CancelledException - if the user cancels