Class ListingDisplayOptionsEditor

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    public class ListingDisplayOptionsEditor
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements OptionsEditor
    Class for editing Listing display properties.
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      static java.awt.Font DEFAULT_FONT  
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      void apply()
      Apply the changes.
      void cancel()
      Cancel the changes.
      void dispose()
      Dispose this editor
      javax.swing.JComponent getEditorComponent​(Options editableOptions, EditorStateFactory editorStateFactory)
      Get the editor component.
      boolean isResizable()
      Returns true if this component has "good" resizing behavior.
      void reload()
      A signal to reload the GUI widgets in the component created by this editor.
      void setOptionsPropertyChangeListener​(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener listener)
      Sets the options change listener
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        public static final java.awt.Font DEFAULT_FONT
    • Constructor Detail

      • ListingDisplayOptionsEditor

        public ListingDisplayOptionsEditor​(Options options)
        Constructs a new ListingDisplayOptionsEditor.
        options - the options object to edit
    • Method Detail

      • reload

        public void reload()
        Description copied from interface: OptionsEditor
        A signal to reload the GUI widgets in the component created by this editor. This will happen when the options change out from under the editor, such as when the user restores the default options values.
        Specified by:
        reload in interface OptionsEditor
      • isResizable

        public boolean isResizable()
        Returns true if this component has "good" resizing behavior. Components that do not have this property will be placed in a scrolled pane.
        true if resizable
      • getEditorComponent

        public javax.swing.JComponent getEditorComponent​(Options editableOptions,
                                                         EditorStateFactory editorStateFactory)
        Description copied from interface: OptionsEditor
        Get the editor component.
        Specified by:
        getEditorComponent in interface OptionsEditor
        editableOptions - The editable options that for which a GUI component will be created
        editorStateFactory - The factory that will provide state objects this options editor