Interface FieldMouseHandler

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      • fieldElementClicked

        boolean fieldElementClicked​(java.lang.Object clickedObject,
                                    Navigatable sourceNavigatable,
                                    ProgramLocation programLocation,
                                    java.awt.event.MouseEvent mouseEvent,
                                    ServiceProvider serviceProvider)
        Called when a field Field has been clicked. The object being passed in may be of any type, as returned by the clicked field. The type is guaranteed to be one of the types returned in the call to getSupportedProgramLocations().
        clickedObject - The object that was clicked
        sourceNavigatable - The source navigatable that was clicked upon.
        programLocation - The location at the time the click was made. Due to swing delay, this location may not be the same as you would get if you asked the navagatable for the current location.SC
        mouseEvent - The mouse event that triggered the click
        serviceProvider - A service provider used to access system resources.
        true if this handler wishes to have exclusive handling rights to processing the clickedObject
        See Also:
      • getSupportedProgramLocations

        java.lang.Class<?>[] getSupportedProgramLocations()
        Returns an array of types that this handler wishes to handle.
        an array of types that this handler wishes to handle.