Class DataTypeSelectionDialog

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      • cancelCallback

        protected void cancelCallback()
        Description copied from class: DialogComponentProvider
        The callback method for when the "Cancel" button is pressed. The default behavior is to call setVisible(false) and dispose() on the dialog.
        cancelCallback in class DialogComponentProvider
      • setTabCommitsEdit

        public void setTabCommitsEdit​(boolean doesCommit)
        If true then a Tab key press will work the same as pressing the Enter key. If false, then a Tab key press will trigger navigation, as is normally done in Java.

        This method is useful for widgets that have embedded editors that launch this dialog. For these editors, like tables, it is nice to be able to tab through various editors. This method allows these editors to keep this functionality, even though a new dialog was shown.

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      • setInitialDataType

        public void setInitialDataType​(DataType dataType)
        Sets the value that this dialog will display in it's editor when initially shown.
        dataType - The initial data type to use for editing.
      • clearUserChosenDataType

        public void clearUserChosenDataType()
        Clears the last user selection. This is useful if this dialog is reused and the call wants to make sure that old selections do not appear later.
      • getUserChosenDataType

        public DataType getUserChosenDataType()
        The data type choice of the user or null if the dialog was cancelled.
        The data type choice of the user or null if the dialog was cancelled.