Class XCoffSymbolStorageClass

  • public final class XCoffSymbolStorageClass
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static int C_BCOMM
      beginning of the common block
      static int C_BINCL
      beginning of include file
      static int C_BLOCK
      beginning or end of inner block
      static int C_BSTAT
      beginning of static block
      static int C_DECL
      declaration of object (type)
      static int C_ECOML
      local member of common block
      static int C_ECOMM
      end of common block
      static int C_EINCL
      end of include file
      static int C_ENTRY
      alternate entry
      static int C_ESTAT
      end of static block
      static int C_EXT
      external symbol
      static int C_FCN
      beginning or end of function
      static int C_FILE
      source file name and compiler information
      static int C_FUN
      function or procedure
      static int C_GSYM
      global variable
      static int C_HIDEXT
      unnamed external symbol
      static int C_INFO
      comment section reference
      static int C_LSYM
      automatic variable allocated on stack
      static int C_NULL
      symbol table entry marked for deletion
      static int C_PSYM
      argument to subroutine allocated on stack
      static int C_RPSYM
      argument to function or procedure stored in register
      static int C_RSYM
      register variable
      static int C_STAT
      static symbol (unknown)
      static int C_STSYM
      statically allocated symbol
      static int C_TCSYM
      static int C_WEAKEXT
      weak external symbol
    • Method Summary

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