Class ElfProgramHeaderConstants

  • public class ElfProgramHeaderConstants
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static int PF_MASKOS
      static int PF_MASKPROC
      static int PF_R
      Segment is readable
      static int PF_W
      Segment is writable
      static int PF_X
      Segment is executable
      static int PT_DYNAMIC
      Dynamic linking information (.dynamic section)
      static int PT_GNU_EH_FRAME
      GCC .eh_frame_hdr segment
      static int PT_GNU_RELRO
      Specifies segments which may be read-only after relocation
      static int PT_GNU_STACK
      Indicates stack executability
      static int PT_INTERP
      Interpreter path name
      static int PT_LOAD
      Loadable segment
      static int PT_NOTE
      Auxiliary information location
      static int PT_NULL
      Unused/Undefined segment
      static int PT_PHDR
      Program header table
      static int PT_SHLIB
      static int PT_SUNWBSS
      Sun Specific segment
      static int PT_SUNWSTACK
      Stack segment
      static int PT_TLS
      Thread-local storage segment
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