Class CoffSectionHeaderFlags

  • public final class CoffSectionHeaderFlags
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static long STYP_BSS
      The section defines uninitialized data.
      static long STYP_COPY
      Copy segment.
      static long STYP_DATA
      The section contains only initialized data.
      static long STYP_DEBUG
      Debug section
      static long STYP_DSECT
      Dummy section.
      static long STYP_EXCEPT
      Exception section
      static long STYP_GROUP
      Group segment.
      static long STYP_INFO
      Comment section
      static long STYP_LIB
      Library section
      static long STYP_LOADER
      Loader section
      static long STYP_NOLOAD
      No-load segment.
      static long STYP_OVER
      Overlay section (defines a piece of another named section which has no bytes)
      static long STYP_OVRFLO
      RLD and line number overflow sec hdr section
      static long STYP_PAD
      Pad segment.
      static long STYP_REG
      Regular segment.
      static long STYP_TEXT
      The section contains only executable code.
      static long STYP_TYPECHK
      Type check section
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