Class Pattern

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    DisjointPattern, OrPattern

    public abstract class Pattern
    extends java.lang.Object
    A pattern which either matches or doesnt match a particular InstructionContext. In particular, the bits comprising the current instruction in the executable, and possible other context bits
    • Constructor Detail

      • Pattern

        public Pattern()
    • Method Detail

      • simplifyClone

        public abstract Pattern simplifyClone()
      • shiftInstruction

        public abstract void shiftInstruction​(int sa)
      • numDisjoint

        public abstract int numDisjoint()
      • alwaysTrue

        public abstract boolean alwaysTrue()
      • alwaysFalse

        public abstract boolean alwaysFalse()
      • alwaysInstructionTrue

        public abstract boolean alwaysInstructionTrue()
      • restoreXml

        public abstract void restoreXml​(XmlPullParser parser)