Class PcodeEmitPacked

  • public class PcodeEmitPacked
    extends PcodeEmit
    • Constructor Detail

      • PcodeEmitPacked

        public PcodeEmitPacked()
        Pcode emitter constructor for producing a packed binary representation for unimplemented or empty responses.
      • PcodeEmitPacked

        public PcodeEmitPacked​(ParserWalker walk,
                               InstructionContext ictx,
                               int fallOffset,
                               PcodeOverride override,
                               UniqueAddressFactory uniqueFactory)
        Pcode emitter constructor for producing a packed binary representation.
        delayContexts - delay slotted instruction contexts
        fallOffset - default instruction fall offset (i.e., instruction length including delay slotted instructions)
        override - required if pcode overrides are to be utilized
        uniqueFactory - required when override specified or if overlay normalization is required
    • Method Detail

      • resolveRelatives

        public void resolveRelatives()
        Description copied from class: PcodeEmit
        Now that we have seen all label templates and references convert the collected references into full relative addresses
        Specified by:
        resolveRelatives in class PcodeEmit
      • write

        public void write​(int val)
      • dumpOffset

        public void dumpOffset​(long val)
        Encode and dump an integer value to the packed byte stream
        val - is the integer to write