Package ghidra

Class GhidraTestApplicationLayout

  • public class GhidraTestApplicationLayout
    extends GhidraApplicationLayout
    The Ghidra test application layout defines the customizable elements of the Ghidra application's directory structure when running a test.

    This layout exists because tests often need to provide their own user settings directory, rather than using Ghidra's default.

    • Constructor Detail

      • GhidraTestApplicationLayout

        public GhidraTestApplicationLayout​( userSettingsDir)
        Constructs a new Ghidra application layout object with the provided user settings directory.

        This layout is useful when running Ghidra tests.

        userSettingsDir - The custom user settings directory to use.
        Throws: - if there was a problem getting a user directory. - if there was a problem getting the application properties.
    • Method Detail

      • findExtensionInstallationDirectory

        protected ResourceFile findExtensionInstallationDirectory()
        Description copied from class: GhidraApplicationLayout
        Returns the directory where all Ghidra extension archives should be installed. This should be at the following location:
        • [application install dir]/Ghidra/Extensions
        • ghidra/Ghidra/Extensions (development mode)
        findExtensionInstallationDirectory in class GhidraApplicationLayout
        the install folder, or null if can't be determined