Package ghidra

Class GhidraRun

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    public class GhidraRun
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements GhidraLaunchable
    Main Ghidra application class. Creates the .ghidra folder that contains the user preferences and tools if it does not exist. Initializes JavaHelp and attempts to restore the last opened project.

    A list of classes for plugins, data types, and language providers is maintained so that a search of the classpath is not done every time Ghidra is run. The list is maintained in the GhidraClasses.xml file in the user's .ghidra folder. A search of the classpath is done if the (1) GhidraClasses.xml file is not found, (2) the classpath is different from when the last time Ghidra was run, (3) a class in the file was not found, or (4) a modification date specified in the classes file for a jar file is older than the actual jar file's modification date.

    Note: The Plugin path is a user preference that indicates locations for where classes for plugins and data types should be searched; the Plugin path can include jar files just like a classpath. The Plugin path can be changed by using the Edit Plugin Path dialog, displayed from the Edit->Edit Plugin Path... menu option on the main Ghidra project window.

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      void launch​(GhidraApplicationLayout layout, java.lang.String[] args)
      Launches the launchable.
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        public GhidraRun()