Interface PanelManager

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    public interface PanelManager
    Interface to define methods that control what panel is displayed in a wizard.
    • Method Detail

      • canFinish

        boolean canFinish()
        Return true if the "finish" step can be completed.
        boolean true if ok to finish
      • hasNextPanel

        boolean hasNextPanel()
        Return true if there is a "next" panel.
        boolean true means there is a next panel to display
      • hasPreviousPanel

        boolean hasPreviousPanel()
        Return true if there is a "previous" panel.
        boolean true means there is a previous panel to display
      • getStatusMessage

        java.lang.String getStatusMessage()
        Get the status message for the current panel.
        String message to display; may be null if there is no message that should be displayed
      • cancel

        void cancel()
        Method called when the user wants to cancel the process.
      • initialize

        void initialize()
        Set up the panel process.
      • getPanelSize

        java.awt.Dimension getPanelSize()
        Get the size of the panels.
        Dimension size of the panel
      • setWizardManager

        void setWizardManager​(WizardManager wm)
        Set the wizard manager for this panel manager.
        wm - wizard manager that calls the methods on this panel manager
      • getWizardManager

        WizardManager getWizardManager()
        Get the wizard manager.
        WizardManager wizard manager for this panel manager